Learn An Easy Breathing Technique to Reduce Stress Now!

Stress Free Living on the Expert Interview Series with Lisa Meisels - LEARN A SIMPLE STRESS RELIEVING TECHNIQUE IN THIS VIDEO!!!
We are bombarded by stressors in our everyday life.  Dawn Bowers-Ferrara share a simple method to identify and release a stress trigger before stress sends you into a tailspin.  Wouldn't you like to live a happier, more stress-free life?  Try this quick and easy method and see your life change immediately!  

How Stress Negatively Impacts Sleep Patterns:

Check out this great video.  If you are stressed, it impacts your sleep and thus your health.  Watch this and learn the importance of releasing stress in your life now.

Discover a New Path...

Hear some of my back story and find a way path to a peaceful and stress free life!