Noah St. John, Ohio

If you’re ready to take your life and business to higher levels and sustain continuous growth, then you must work with my friend Dawn. She has the unique ability to connect on a level that instantly changes people’s lives. And, the best thing is that Dawn comes from the heart and truly cares about making a positive different in the lives of others! Do yourself a favor and work with Dawn today! You’ll be grateful you did!

Kelly Burns, Florida

Dawn was kind enough to be my coach through the MBA program at the University of Tampa. Dawn is so easy to talk to, comforting, and so inspiring. She is so willing to share her own personal experiences, and can relate. She encouraged me to feel confident about myself and my abilities, and really helped me to get to where I am today. Her enthusiasm, insights, as well as guidance really assisted me in my job search. I knew where I wanted to be professionally, and Dawn really outlined those steps for me and helped me get there. Dawn's process and reassuring presence is so beneficial, and truly up-lifting. I would always tell her that after our sessions, I felt like a weight had been lifted; I had an increased sense of confidence, and actual outlined steps, or "homework" to help me reach my goals. Dawn is an amazing person, and is great at what she does! 

Nicole Carver, Florida

I have been working with Dawn for 12 weeks. After the first, two weeks, people noticed the difference in me and how I was showing up in life. They would comment on how my "energy" was different without knowing why.  Dawn, is caring, calm, and amazing. She has helped me clear old things that were blocking me from joy and success. I highly recommend Dawn and the services she provides if you want to live your best life.

Cher Clark, Georgia

I SO look forward to my weekly calls with Dawn that I have found a way to afford to keep her even while between paychecks and while starting my own business which is what I originally hired her to assist with.   As a professionally trained coach myself, I can appreciate her amazing talent within the traditional coaching method and she has an amazing coaching presence - i.e. she never interrupts when I'M interrupting her and truly holds the non-judgmental space for me to see my own critical self-judgement in contrast to the positive aspects she always finds and highlights for me.   Her spiritual grounding, energy work and ability to find the irony in so many of the situations I find myself in leads me to a much deeper understanding and the (previously invisible) lessons that are instrumental in moving me to a higher level of positive awareness from which moving forward and manifesting my desires become effortless.  Where I might normally slip into a bit of depression or fear thinking, Dawn is there each week to pick me up, praise my many un-recognized wins which allows me to realize the inspired next action steps needed to attain what I aspire for both personally and professionally.  My best friend (and also now a referred client herself!) noticed and commented on the changes she saw in me from working with Dawn and now she too gets to experience the value of operating from the best version of herself! Dawn is a truly incredible coach and human being and I am so thankful to have her guidance in my life!!   GIVE HER A TRY - YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

Jannie Young, California

I have worked with Dawn over the past year and enjoyed every moment of it. She's a breath of fresh air and always has your best interest at heart. She customizes her approach to fit your needs and is always finding new ways to tackle a situation. She knows when to give advice and when to listen and provide a sounding board. Her approachable personality and kind heart make her a very special person.

Helene Connelly, Connecticut

Dawn is wise and sweet. She is inspirational and transformative. Dawn not only listens, but actually HEARS what you are saying, clearing out the fog and the mess to help you find your path and build the road to your future.   Pulling from her own life experience, Dawn brings a brightness and light to her work. She has taken her own ups and downs and transformed them into something positive. Dawn then shares her many skills with you so you can do the same. I highly recommend working with her.

Global Recommendations....


Patricia Chater, Lebanon

The healing process with Dawn has been a powerful journey for me. She has taught me how to release toxic & negative energy in order to clear the path and receive the great power of positivity. 

I felt immense relief immediately after our very first session. 

The week that followed our first session, I found myself sharing my experience with everyone in my life and feeling an uncontrollable urge to share Dawn with the universe.

Her guidance , kindness, knowledge & specific instructions have helped me identify my struggles and rise above them by looking inwards to rediscover my capabilities and love myself again. 

I feel empowered, confident, enlightened, and most importantly GRATEFUL for meeting her. 

Everyone should try a session at least ONCE! 

She has changed my life. 

P. C

Beirut, Lebanon 

Michaela M, Tampa, Florida

As a coaching client of Dawn's for over a year, I have always felt that I was able to openly discuss various topics, including sensitive issues, with her.  She was non-judgemental and was able to create and held a safe space for me.  It was like someone holding my hand as we worked through issues that seemed so overwhelming to me at that time. Before coaching with her, I felt like a lost leaf in the wind. She thought me how to ground myself and look at life from the positive/different perspective. Through her coaching I realized that worry is not necessary. I have learned to transmute my fear into self-empowerment. I'm definitely more courageous and full of excitement about what life has to offer. I feel like I know what my purpose in life is. If you are looking for a transformational coach that creates sessions that you don't want to come to the end, give her a call. She will help you to transform those dreadful life experiences into blissful ones. You will even begin to see pink cars when you work with her...she is that magical!!!

Thank you, Dawn for everything! You are my rock! 


MichaelaM :)

Terra Neuman, Tampa, Florida

Dawn is one of the most amazing people I have ever met.  She has helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life.  Her coaching sessions reduced my stress and provided me with ideas to my next steps in life.  I love her energy; even on days when I was down, her energy lifted me up.  I thank you Dawn for all that you have done for me.



C. McKee, Florida

What I liked about working with Dawn was the calmness and peace that she exhibited.  She has such a quietness to her presence that it made me want to be calm around her and knew that I could slow my pace and stop to feel calm in all my circumstances.  The attraction was the calmness she exhibited and her bright smile.  She does a lot of smiling and is a joy to be around.